By Making These 5 Simple Changes, You Can Live More Sustainably
August 26, 2018

By Making These 5 Simple Changes, You Can Live More Sustainably

There are a lot of ways to get a more sustainable lifestyle, from choosing sustainable groceries to reducing your water consumption. All of them can help to protect the environment for future generations, and most of them are relatively simple for the average person.

Shop Smart

Our shopping habits determine the demand for each product on the market, so choosing sustainable businesses can encourage stores to carry green products and manufacturers to choose sustainable processes. 

There are a few rules of thumb that can guide you towards a green shopping basket. In general, you should favor local foods that are in season to reduce the impact of shipping and storing produce. It is also best to prefer plant-based products over meat and other animal products due to the environmental impact of livestock.

When shopping for a certain item, research the materials and processes that go into creating it. For example, when shopping for jewelryit's important to understand where the gemstones came fromPearls tend to be the most eco-friendly option when selecting a gem, but only when ecologically healthy farming practices are followed.  By understanding differences in sustainability and processing practices, you can make an informed decision, shop smarter, and live more sustainably

You don't need to be entirely green to have a positive impact, so make the changes that come most readily to you to make sure you stick to the green shopping plan.

Avoid Waste

Humans waste a tremendous amount of food. Try to buy only what you need, so that as little goes to waste as possible. The same rule can also apply to other items, such as phones. Just buy the ones that you intend to use for a long time, and ask yourself if you really need an upgrade instead of automatically buying the newest model when it comes out. Be especially careful with waste disposal so as not to cross contaminate and keep your home safe and clean.

Share with Friends

Sharing is caring, both for other people and for the environment. Sharing an item with a friend means that they don't have to buy one of their own, which saves resources. It is especially useful to share vehicles and rides since that cuts down on the amount of fuel that you need to use to go about your life.

Use Muscle Power

You can also save fuel by getting some exercise. Walking and biking instead of driving will keep you fit while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The same applies to using an old-fashioned lawn mower instead of a riding model or opting for some elbow grease instead of any other motorized items.

Conserve Water

Wasted water is just as bad as wasted energy. Fortunately, you can conserve water in a lot of little ways. Try to take shorter showers, or install efficient appliances. You can also collect cold water from your shower while you wait for it to heat up, and use it to water your plants.

These may seem like minor changes, but they do add up. It is easier and often more effective to make a bunch of little changes than to try a single big one. Just pick a couple of methods that appeal to you, give them a try, and see how easy it is to live a sustainable life. For more clean and sustainable living tips, check out our blog!