Holiday Cleaning Checklist - A MamaSuds Guide
December 21, 2023

Holiday Cleaning Checklist - A MamaSuds Guide

As the holiday season approaches, we all look forward to the joy and cheer it brings. However, along with the excitement comes the daunting task of cleaning and organizing our homes for the festivities. Don't think too much! MamaSuds got your back with this brief but comprehensive ultimate guide to a sparkling home this holiday season.

From decluttering your space to adding that festive sparkle, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist to ensure your home is holiday-ready. 

Declutter Your Space:

Start by decluttering each room. Remove unnecessary items, sort through old clothes and toys for donation, and clear out any junk that has accumulated over the year.

Deep Clean:

Once the clutter is gone, deep clean each area of your home. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning windows, and disinfecting surfaces. Don't forget hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fans and baseboards!

Kitchen Cleanup:

cleaning the kitchen

As the heart of holiday activities, give your kitchen extra attention. Clean out the fridge, oven, and microwave. Organize your pantry and check the expiry dates on food items. Don't forget MamaSuds collection is with you in every cleanups may it be in kitchen or the whole house!

Bathroom Blitz:

Scrub tiles, clean the shower curtain, and disinfect surfaces. Checkout our bathroom collection for cleaner and healthier bathroom blitz. AND, Make sure you have enough guest towels and toiletries. 

Guest Room Prep:

If you're expecting overnight guests, ensure the guest room is clean and cozy. Fresh sheets, dust-free furniture, and a clutter-free space will make your guests feel welcome.


Once the cleaning is done, it's time to decorate! Hang up the holiday lights, set up the Christmas tree, and spread the holiday cheer throughout your home.

Outside Appeal:

Don't forget the exterior of your home. Sweep the porch, clean the gutters, and add some festive outdoor decorations.


The key to effective holiday cleaning is to start early and tackle one task at a time. This will keep the process manageable and less stressful. Happy holiday cleaning!