Home Organization Projects to Keep You Busy All Winter
February 06, 2020

Home Organization Projects to Keep You Busy All Winter

Keeping your home organized doesn't have to be a challenge. However, it's easier to stay inside and work on home improvement projects when it's nasty outside. Try the tips below to make life easier all year long and keep yourself occupied on cold winter days.

The Pantry

To truly rework your pantry, empty it out so you can paint the walls and shelving. Add pretty shelf paper to brighten the space. Visit a local discount store and pick up baskets that you can label for easy storage. Transfer dry goods in bags to clear glass storage containers to cut down on pests. As you put things back, check the expiration date and discard anything that's out of date. Keep a list so you can replace the product you had to toss. Also, take note of what's left and find recipes that will make it easier to use things up before they get too old.

The Garage

Move your car out of the way and give yourself some space. Invest in hanging hardware so you can get shoves, rakes and other outdoor tools out of the way. If you have kids that need access to outdoor toys from within the garage, create a spot for them along a wall where those items will fit. Make the toys easy to reach. If you have a lot of sorting to do, use crates for hand tools and buckets for hardware to reduce the risk of damaging your tires by leaving nails or screws on the floor. Also, consider mounting pegboard so you can hang your tools. There are several different tools and accessories used for storage that can help declutter your garage.

The Closet

If you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, it's time to purge. For those with plenty of clothes and plenty of outfits, getting things organized can still help. Pull everything out the closet and wipe down the shelves. As you return things, put the hangers backward. In six months, anything still hanging backward can probably be sold or donated. Sort your garments, grouping tops by sleeve length and pants by casual vs. dressy or work. Skirts and dresses can also be categorized by casual or formal. Invest in suit hangers so you're ready with an outfit for every day of the week. Hang a necklace or scarf over the hanger and if the outfit needs a special undergarment, add that to the hanger as well.

We all need to sort and organize our spaces at different times of the year. The organization projects listed above can be done on a weekend when it's too cold or wet to go outdoors for any length of time. Don't be stuck in the house. Use the time to get things in order.

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