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How Environmental Factors Help Facilitate a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on July 21 2019

Staying healthy is a top priority for families these days. It can take the form of a cleaner diet, increased activity, less television and smart device time—or all three. No matter the direction, they want to not only feel better but increase their energy to tackle the ever-growing list of daily activities. Sometimes, it takes more than drive to become healthy. Environmental factors also play a role—here's how.


Genetics play a significant role in our health. However, they are not the only predictor of people’s movement toward lasting health. ASEA explains that factors like air pollution, toxins, and diet can affect our cellular health as we age. While genetics do play a role in the aging process, there are certain lifestyle changes that we can make to improve our quality of life and vitality. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to eventually find the right balance. 

Warmer Weather

Where colder conditions might want to make the most active individual crawl under their blankets, a warmer environment draws people outside. Consistent comfortable weather makes residents of these communities much more likely to do outdoor activities, such as walking, running, hiking, and biking. Even if they've never done these before, seeing others walking or biking may draw them into participation.

Family Eating Habits

For better or worse, you are likely to inherit the diet and eating patterns of your parents as they may carry over to your own family. Since it’s harder to break bad habits than to create good ones, it may take some time to establish a healthy diet. In many cases, experimentation to find the right balance is necessary and can be done through persistence and participation from all family members.

Social Interaction

Many people feel uncomfortable exercising alone, so they don't try. However, it gets easier if family members or friends want to increase their activity levels, too. At that point, it becomes an exercise in social interaction as well as physical stamina.

This connection with others doesn't have to involve exercise to facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Simply talking with others on a regular basis helps reduce issues like anxiety and depression. In turn, the urge to eat problems away can be minimized, starting people on a path to good health.

Overall, establishing a healthy lifestyle is not based on one factor. It's a combination of elements that make individuals and families feel well in both body and mind.

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