Reasons to go green and be environmentally friendly
June 03, 2021

Signs It’s Time to Go Green

If you’ve been looking for a big sign to tell you it’s time to work on your environmental footprint, here it is! There’s no better time for you to make positive changes, both in your home and lifestyle. But, what can get better in your own life if you do? What are good signs around the home that show green living would be better?

You Care About the Environment

You know it’s important to decrease your carbon footprint. You likely have grown up knowing to not be wasteful. But, the time is short for all the world to band together and create the changes we need to see for the Earth. Corporate waste has a massive impact on the environment, and working to eradicate that is crucial. But on the home front, knowing you are doing what you can to help the country is not only green but also patriotic and kind.

Your Energy Bill Is Too High

Utility rates are rising every year. With residential solar energy, you can have peace of mind knowing your rates will never spike. You don’t have to go through a corporation to buy solar panels. They can be a regular housing renovation, with a banking loan. Solar panels pay themselves off between five to fifteen years. Just like a refinance, they are a great investment if you plan on living in a home for a while. If you replace your water heater with a solar water heater, your utility bill can drop between 50 and 80 percent almost immediately.

Products Which Make a Difference

Some of the “green” products are made by the biggest polluters on the planet, so it’s important to know what your sources are for green products. One of your best bets is to use sustainable products by small companies. Perhaps you get your laundry detergent in an envelope in the mail, instead of a large plastic tub. Maybe you’re learning to cook at home to prevent food waste from restaurant chains. Continue to apply pressure to large corporations and governments to choose better options for the world, but do continue to change your mindset away from plastic, and towards sustainable materials.

Going green doesn’t need to be an “all or nothing” concept. You are not failing the world if you eat out sometimes, or use some plastics! Allow yourself to do what you can, personally, and encourage working towards good goals, globally.

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