What Are EMFs and How Do They Impact Your Life?
December 04, 2020

What Are EMFs and How Do They Impact Your Life?

With so many different opinions out there about the effect of microwaving your food or of constantly using a mobile phone, it can be difficult to know what the actual health risks are of these devices. Are they safe or are they not? Understanding what EMFs are and what they do can help you better understand your technology usage.


What Are EMFs?

Generally speaking, an electromagnetic field (EMF) is created when different charged particles move around a space. Surprisingly, people actually cross into many of these fields every day.


Some of these fields can be relatively harmless and naturally occurring. For example, an EMF is created when there is a lightning or thunderstorm. But other times, exposure to these EMFs can be negative.


How Do They Affect Your Health?

While some EMFs are not significantly dangerous, others can actually have implications for your health. Certain EMFs emitted from manufactured sources like microwaves, radio waves or WiFi can emit types of radiation EMFs.


But while significant and sustained exposure to these types of EMFs can result in things like hair loss, skin damage, burns, or fertility loss, the typical person’s everyday exposure to these electromagnetic fields is usually not substantial enough to result in these types of problems. However, it is still important to be careful.


Reducing Exposure to EMFs

One of the main steps that you can take in order to reduce your exposure to EMFs is identifying ways to distance yourself from your internet router. Move the router to be at least twenty feet away from you so that you are not as closely in range to its EMF.


There are even studies that indicate that some devices offer protection against emfs produced by Wi-Fi and other electronic devices.


The other thing you might want to consider is your own phone usage. While it may not be completely feasible to stop using your wireless smartphone, you should at least make an effort to turn Bluetooth and your mobile data off when they are not required. This will not only limit your exposure to EMFs, but it will also save you money.


Figuring out how EMFs work doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Even though you may have heard different things about the effect of different electronic devices and the radiation they emit, you may have been confused in the past. If you reduce your exposure to EMFs, you can avoid all the related problems and live a healthier life.

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